Meduse Logo in black

We are delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Meduse to use and supply Meduse shisha pipes in London via V Shisha London and are happy to be able to bring this high quality and international brand to the capital as well as onto our own terraces at Lazeez Tapas in Mayfair and Liban Tapas in South Woodford, where we will be offering the Meduse Seablooom.

Made in the Czech Republic, Meduse was founded back in 2005 when they launched their first collection of pipes, called “Craft” creating the first designer shisha pipe.

Meduse shisha pipes all have a unique design and are hand crafted to ensure that the smallest of details, such as the graphics and hand-made Bohemian glass, make these pipes one of the top class pipes smoked around the world by discerning customers.

Meduse Shisha Pipe on Parisian Terrace

There is no denying the beautiful design of the pipes which combine both art and functionality. For example, the popular handcrafted Noble pipe has a blue-tinted glass body that evokes peace and is the only pipe which features coloured enamel.

The eye level positioning allows you to watch the process inside the pipe whilst you smoke it. Meduse pipes were also the very first shisha pipes to be served with fruit cocktails inside their glass corpus. By adding fresh fruit to the pipe, you can modify or influence the final taste and the aesthetic experience from your smoking. You can also equip Meduse pipes with different light modules that transform them into magical light objects which makes the smoking a more memorable experience.